Students and Recent Graduates on the Job Market

  • Mette Evelyn Bjerre

    Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Racial Formation and Multiracial Identity, Sociology of Education, Qualitative Methods

  • Ruth Carmi

    Gender, Race & Ethnicity, Intersectionality, Sociology & Law, Israel

  • Jennifer Dudley

    Political Sociology, Organizations, Culture, Gender, Experimental Research Design, Computational Methods, Statistics

  • Patrick Graff

    Inequalities in Education, Teacher Turnover, Trust in Schools, Education Policy & Program Evaluation, Quantitative Methods, Teacher Working Conditions

  • Abigail Jorgensen

    Methodologies, Family and Gender, Culture, and Politics

  • Luiz Vila├ža

    International Development, Political Sociology, White-Collar Crime and Corruption

  • Gregory Wurm

    Family, Theory, Institutions, Religion, Politics, Culture