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Our department features undergraduate and graduate programs, innovative research opportunities that cut across disciplinary boundaries, and award-winning faculty who are widely recognized for their scholarly publications.

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The Department of Sociology at Notre Dame has signature strengths in cultural sociology, the sociology of education, political sociology and social movements, and the sociology of religion.

Mackenzie Isaac

Through sociology, data science, and Latino studies, junior MacKenzie Isaac pursues her interest in public health

MacKenzie Isaac knew she wanted to improve her Spanish skills at Notre Dame. But to be truly fluent, she needed to learn more than the language. That mindset drew the junior sociology major to the Institute for Latino Studies, where she’s found academic inspiration, research support, and a welcoming community. She's also spent two summers doing research at Harvard, added a minor in data science, and hopes to pursue a career in public health.

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Same-sex marriage has changed LGB+ relationships both for better and worse

This May marks the 15-year anniversary of Massachusetts legalising same-sex marriage, the first U.S. state to allow gay weddings. Today, all young LGBT+ people in the U.S. enter their first relationships with the option to marry right from the start. Many can’t remember or imagine anything different. “It’s just what we’ve always known,” they told me. As U.S. data guru Nate Silver once noted of same-sex marriage, “change doesn’t usually come this fast”. It’s now time to take stock.

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Two Pics For Web

CREO Grads Earn Honors at 2019 AERA Conference

Two graduates from the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Research in Educational Opportunity (CREO) were honored at last week’s American Education Research Association (AERA) conference in Toronto for outstanding work on their dissertations. Megan Austin won the AERA Division L (Policy & Politics) 2019 Dissertation Award, and Julie Dallavis won the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the AERA’s Catholic Special Interest Group (SIG). Each earned her Ph.D. in sociology from Notre Dame as a member of CREO.

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