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The Department of Sociology at Notre Dame has signature strengths in cultural sociology, the sociology of education, political sociology and social movements, and the sociology of religion.

Kraig Beyerlein Feature

Sociologist receives NSF grant to study change over time in nationally representative samples of U.S. protest events

Kraig Beyerlein, an associate professor of sociology, has been awarded a $290,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study change over time in characteristics of protests in the United States, such as size, demographic composition, presence of counterdemonstrators, and the use of disruptive tactics.

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What is the sociology major like at Notre Dame?

“Any field you go into, sociology helps because you understand how people interact and what drives the way society runs,” said sociology major Lamara Parnell. “There’s a lot of different things that you can do if you follow what you’re passionate about.” Sociology majors pursue their passions while developing skills such as data collection/analysis, scientific method, critical thinking, and collaboration.

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News Details: Sociologist finds teachers’ biases when rating first-graders’ academic skills based on learning behavior

A recent study, co-authored by a University of Notre Dame sociologist, shows how educators’ racial and gender biases affect their assessments of students’ academic skills based on noncognitive skills, which include behavior, class participation, self-discipline and interpersonal skills.

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