Bridget Ritz




Cultural Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Sociology of Religion, Theory


Bridget's research is animated by the desire to understand culture and how it changes. Her theoretical work seeks to bridge insights from pragmatism and critical realism, and develop sociological theories of cultural change. Empirically, her work examines culture though qualitative or mixed methods research about science, religion, abortion, and parenting. Bridget is co-author of Religious Parenting: Transmitting Faith and Values in Contemporary America (Princeton University Press, 2020). Her articles have been published in the Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior, the Journal of Critical Realism, and Science Advances. Bridget completed her PhD in Sociology at the University of Notre Dame (2022) and her MA in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago (2015).


Title: "Peircean Pragmatism, Critical Realism, and Cultural Sociology"
Committee: Christian Smith (chair), Ann Mische, Eugene Halton, Stephen Vaisey (Duke)