Student Achievements

We work so closely with each of our students, so we’re proud of every accomplishment — and their achievements really make an impression. Here’s a brief glimpse into their many successes.

Meet Dustin Stoltz

Dustin is a recent graduate of our program and is now an assistant professor at Lehigh University. Dustin had an impressive career as a graduate student in our department. Dustin won the Shaheen Award, which recognizes one outstanding Notre Dame graduate student across all the social sciences. Dustin’s publication record while at Notre Dame was top-notch, with an impressive 12 articles published during his time here. Dustin makes clear how our department mentors and supports students.

Dustin Stoltz Headshot

I really can't imagine a better situation — I was both challenged and supported the entire time. Even though I still felt like a student early on, my mentors were quick to treat me like a colleague with contributions to make. They were happy to work through even my most nascent ideas, but always allowing me to find my way. They were also quick to offer co-authorships, as well as guide me through difficult reviews on my solo-authored papers.

Coursework helped Dustin set up a robust publication pipeline. Our faculty want our students to use classes as laboratories to work out ideas. Dustin used his classes to develop novel insights and solicit constructive feedback on his ongoing research.“I saw every class as working toward a potential publication, and the professors fully supported that, often providing feedback as if I would be sending a course paper out. Several of my early publications came directly from courses and comprehensive exams.”

Dustin appreciates the department’s efforts to professionalize its students and prepare them for the job market. “The department was clear that the goal of the program was a job, and were quick to introduce me to the professional norms of the discipline — especially those pertaining to the journal review process. The department also provided group workshops to develop job materials with my peers, as well as providing plenty of time to practice job talks and teaching demonstrations — all were essential for navigating the job market.” 

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