Isaac Kimmel




Cultural Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Movements, Social Psychology, Sociology of Religion, Theory


Isaac Kimmel is a doctoral candidate whose academic interests include social media, religion, culturally formed cognitive schemas, social identity, and the ways in which culturally transmitted authority and belonging shape inter-group dialogue and institutions. Isaac’s dissertation, provisionally titled “COVID-19 and Partisan Boundary-Setting in Conditions of Uncertainty”, explores US congressional candidates’ invocations of partisan values and identities and local and national interests as they navigate the emerging pandemic and communicate their decisions on Twitter.

Isaac holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (2016, magna cum laude) from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He graduated as a University Scholar, reflecting a broad background in the humanities in addition to his major field. Isaac intends to spend his career pursuing the question of how formal, coherent belief systems of the kind he was taught as an undergraduate reflect and influence cultural schemas and frames in broader society. His dissertation, in addition to contributing to understanding of a pressing current issue, investigates that broader question within the case of US politics.