Isaac Kimmel




Cultural Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Movements, Social Psychology, Sociology of Religion, Theory


Isaac Kimmel has been a PhD student in sociology at Notre Dame since 2017. Before arriving at Notre Dame, he earned his BA in Philosophy (2016, magna cum laude) from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He graduated as a University Scholar, reflecting a broad background in the liberal arts in addition to his major field. After college, he spent a year teaching philosophy and logic at a junior college in Belize.

Isaac's liberal arts training shapes his theoretically rigorous approach to social inquiry. His particular interest within sociology is the intersection of collective meanings - that is, culture - with social psychological mechanisms. His Master's thesis research uses high school athletics as a window into the importance of ritual and symbols for participation in community identity. His dissertation research focuses on the role of public intellectuals in their listeners' process of opinion formation.