Area Exams

Area exams provide you the opportunity to develop a broad expertise in two subfields of sociology. To pass the exams, you must demonstrate the knowledge necessary for a literature review in their chosen subfields, but also mastery of an independent voice within those subfields. 

Upon completion of your exams, you should be able to: 

  • Interact with professional peers on the basis of shared knowledge and understanding
  • Teach in the field and organize a syllabus
  • Develop original research questions that contribute to the field

Exam Guidelines

See Appendix Two of the Graduate Guide.

Current Area Exam Committees


  • Terry McDonnell (Chair)
  • Lyn Spillman
  • Erika Summers-Effler


  • Elizabeth McClintock (Chair)
  • Terry McDonnell
  • Abi Ocobock


  • Amy Langenkamp (Chair)
  • Bill Carbonaro
  • Joel Mittleman


  • Erin McDonnell (Chair)
  • David Gibson
  • David Hachen

Political Sociology

  • Samuel Valenzuela (Chair)
  • Erin McDonnell
  • Rory McVeigh


  • Calvin Zimmerman (Chair)
  • Ricardo Martinez-Schuldt
  • Rory McVeigh


  • Kraig Beyerlein (Chair)
  • Kevin Christiano
  • David Sikkink

Social Movements

  • Dana Moss (Chair)
  • Kraig Beyerlein
  • Rory McVeigh


  • David Hachen (Chair)
  • Bill Carbonaro
  • Joel Mittleman


  • David Gibson (Chair)
  • Chris Smith
  • Erika Summers-Effler

Area Exam Dates

Week of November 9th, 2020  

Area Specific Guidelines