Course Requirements

The Curriculum

Students Dressed As Sociology Theorists
Graduate students dressed as sociology theorists

Theory Sequence: Classical Theory, Contemporary Theory

Methods Sequence: Research Methods, Linear Regression, Categorical Data Analysis, Advanced Sociological Methods Elective

Professional Development: Proseminar I, Proseminar II

Sociology Electives: Six Sociology graduate seminars of your choosing

The above courses constitute 39 of the required 60 credit hours for completion of the doctoral program. Students can earn the remaining 21 credits required for their degree by enrolling in any combination of the following course offerings: 

  • Master’s thesis research credits (a maximum of 6 credits)
  • Dissertation research credits (a maximum of 12 credits)
  • Graduate seminars offered by Sociology beyond the required electives
  • 1-credit training seminars and workshops offered by the Sociology Department
  • Graduate courses offered by other Notre Dame departments
  • Undergraduate Sociology courses at the 40000 level (not to exceed 10 credits)
  • Directed Readings (not to exceed 3 credits per semester and 6 credits total)