Past Award Winners

Past Winners of the Margaret Eisch Memorial Award

  • 2019: Laura Hernandez
  • 2018: Sarah Ritten
  • 2017: Andrew Robinson
  • 2016: Nicolette Bardele
  • 2015: Jaclyn Paul
    2020: Erin Albertini

Past Winners of the Senior Essay Award

  • 2020: Megan McLaughlin for her thesis entitled, “Caring for the Underinsured: The Structure of Healthcare Organizations in Indiana.”
    2019: Lawrence "Trey" Murphy for his thesis entitled, "Who Pays for Dinner?"
  • 2018: Lily Falzon for her thesis, entitled, “Conflicting Methodologies and Cross-Cultural Validation: Investigating the Current State of Chinese Medicine.”
  • 2017: L. Ash Smith for her thesis, entitled, "Queer Television and Queer Perceptions. How Television Impacts Perceptions of the LGBT Community's Socioeconomic Status."
  • 2016: Shannon Sheehan for her thesis, entitled, "Inverse Inequality: How Both Genders Navigate the Sexual Double Standard of College Hook-Up Culture"
  • 2015: 2015 - Kathleen Brennan for her thesis, entitled, "Perception vs. Reality: Sectarian Antisocial Behavior and Belfast Youth."