The Department of Sociology offers both a major and a minor course of study. The requirements for each are listed below. 

Completing the Sociology Major

To graduate with a Major in Sociology, a student must earn a minimum of 31 credits in Sociology, according to the following guidelines:

I.  Take these four courses which are required of all majors:

  • Soc 30900 Foundations of Sociological Theory
  • Soc 30902 Methods of Sociological Research
  • Soc 30903 Statistics for Sociological Research*
  • Soc 33090 Sociology Proseminar (1 credit) - take early in the major.

*Students who take another department’s statistics course to count toward another major (e.g., BAMG 20100, PSY 30100, ACMS 20340 or ECON 30330) may be approved by the DUS for having met the department’s requirement of a statistics course, but such courses do not carry Soc course credit. Thus, if a student counts a statistics course toward another major, s/he must take an additional 3-credit Soc elective course (see below) to achieve the 31-credit requirement.

II.   21 Elective credits following these guidelines: 

A. Four 3-credit sociology courses at any level (10000 through 40000), for a minimum of 12 credits:

  • Soc Elective 1
  • Soc Elective 2
  • Soc Elective 3
  • Soc Elective 4

B. Three, 3-credit 40000-level sociology courses, for a minimum of 9 credits:

  • Soc 40/43/48xxx
  • Soc 40/43/48xxx
  • Soc 40/43/48xxx


Completing the Sociology Minor

To graduate with a Minor in Sociology, a student must earn 15 credits following these guidelines:

A. One 3-credit course in sociological theory. This can be met by taking either SOC 30900, Foundations of Sociological Theory, or SOC 43910, Contemporary Sociological Theory.

B. SOC 30902, Methods of Sociological Research (3 credits)

C. Nine credits of Sociology electives (three, 3-credit Soc courses): These can be in any content area and at any level according to the following restrictions:

  1. At least one of these courses must be at the 40000 level (either 40xxx, 43xxx, or 48xxx).
  2. No more than one of these electives may be at the 10000 level.


Course Descriptions

Fall 20 Course Description Packet


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