Tomás Gold

Tomás  Gold

Areas of Study

Political Sociology, Social Movements, Cultural Sociology, Transnational Sociology, Latin America


Tomás Gold is a first-year PhD student at the University of Notre Dame. He is also a PhD fellow at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies and a recipient of the Fulbright International PhD scholarship. Prior to joining the Department of Sociology, he received an MA in Political Science at the Universidad Nacional de San Martin (Argentina), and a BA in Political Science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina). He has been a fellow at the Argentine National Council of Scientific and Technical Research and teaching assistant at several universities in Buenos Aires.


Tomás has done research on Latin American social movements and contemporary activism. His MA thesis examined the dynamics of a massive anti-government protest cycle in Argentina (2012-2013) and the influence of both framing strategies and protester-party interactions over political narratives and partisan behavior. He has also studied the dynamics of digital activism, focusing on the feminist movement in Argentina. He is currently involved in a comparative study of anti-corruption frames within contentious episodes in Latin America.

His research interests include political sociology, social movements, cultural sociology and transnational sociology, and he is interested in exploring the connections between institutionalized and contentious political processes in order to shed light on the complexities of the democratic process.