Taylor Hartson




Cultural Sociology, Social Movements, Urban Sociology


Taylor Hartson (they/them) is a PhD student in sociology at the University of Notre Dame and a recipient of the Presidential Fellowship. They are also a graduate minor in Gender Studies and a member of the GLOBES Certificate Program in Environment and Society. Taylor received their BA in Sociology from Calvin University in 2019, where they graduated with honors.

Taylor's graduate work focuses on the intersections of gender & sexuality and sustainable agriculture. They are specially interested in how women and queer people make sense of their identities and roles as farmers and their relationships to plants, livestock, and land. Currently, their master's thesis explores the ways in which gendered experiences of mutuality and relationality shape these farmers’ management practices and relationships with livestock.

Prior to their graduate studies, Taylor was a Research Specialist working on projects ranging from surveys on parent access to education news to focus groups about local food access to mixed-methods studies on watershed restoration and management practices.