Kevin Waitkuweit

Kevin Waitkuweit

Areas of Study

Identity, Social Theory, Social Psychology


Kevin Hans Waitkuweit is a second year graduate student and Deans' Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame. He received a BA in History with minors in Chicana/o Studies, Disability Studies, and Public Affairs from UCLA (2015) and two AAs from LAVC (2012).


His research interests entail the theoretical paradoxes of identity within sociology and how the meanings of identities are formed and change over time. 


Santa Ana, O., Waitkuweit, K. H., & Hernandez, M. E. (2017). “Blood, Soil, and Tears: Conceptual Metaphor-based Critical Discourse Analysis of the Legal Debate on US Citizenship.” Journal of Language and Politics16(2), 149-175.


Deans' Fellowship, University of Notre Dame