Jennifer Dudley




Cultural Sociology, Political Sociology, Quantitative Methods


Jennifer Dudley’s research explores issues of politics, power, organizations, and culture. With Jennifer’s dissertation, she examines three potential sources of political incivility in the U.S - through the pool of potential candidates, voter preferences, or acculturation by politicians in office. Her results have implications for sociological conceptions of incivility as well as democratic discourse in the U.S. Jennifer’s research uses experimental design, computational text analysis, and survey research. 

Previously, Jennifer’s research has used experimental vignettes to examine how PAC funding, race, and gender interact to impact voter preferences for political candidates. Jennifer holds an M.A. in Sociology from California State University, Northridge. There, she completed a thesis that examined institutional impacts on student loan default. 

Jennifer’s research is supported by the ASA Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant, the ND Institute for Advanced Studies, and the ND Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts.