David Hachen

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Social networks, labor markets, social stratification & mobility, organizations, work and occupations, and research methods and statistics.


Quantitative Methods, Social Networks, Stratification and Inequality


David Hachen is a social network expert whose research focuses on network dynamics.Through his NSF funded NetSense project and NIH funded NetHealth projects, Dr. Hachen's research team collected multi-year longitudinal data on the changing social networks, behaviors, tastes and traits of large cohorts of college student through surveys, the collection of communication meta-data from smartphones, and physical activity and sleep patterns from Fitbit devices. Hachen has published papers on network evolution, reciprocity, tie formation and decay, homophily, and social influence, especially the influence of peers on health related behaviors. Dr. Hachen is the author of an innovative introduction to sociology textbook, Sociology in Action: Cases of Critical and Sociological Thinking which uses decision cases to activate student learning.    

Email: David.S.Hachen.1@nd.edu
Phone: (574) 631-5745
Office: 4076 Jenkins Nanovic
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 2-3 pm, JNH 4076

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