David Gibson

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Social interaction, language, deliberation, decision making, social networks, theory, secrecy & deception.


Social Networks, Theory


David Gibson received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1999. Before arriving at Notre Dame in 2013, he held teaching positions at Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton. Most of his research is on social interaction. He has studied corporate meetings, Pentagon press conferences, Supreme Court oral arguments, experimental task groups, National Security Council meetings, criminal juries, newspaper editorial meetings, and train station waiting lines. Another, partly overlapping, line of research is about the social organization of secrecy and deception. He has also published research on social networks. Gibson is the author of Talk at the Brink: Deliberation and Decision during the Cuban Missile Crisis (Princeton, 2012), which won the 2013 Melvin Pollner Prize from the Ethnomethodology & Conversation Analysis section of the American Sociological Association. His articles have appeared in numerous sociological journals, including the American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Sociological Theory, and Social Psychology Quarterly. 

Email: dgibson1@nd.edu
Phone: (574) 631-4285
Office: 4052 Jenkins Nanovic
Office Hours: Thursdays 1pm-2pm, Fridays 3pm-4pm (or by appointment)

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