Amy Langenkamp

Associate Professor of Education

Research Interests

Education, Race/ethnicity, Immigration, Life course transitions, Adolescent health and development


Race and Ethnicity, Sociology of Education, Stratification and Inequality


Amy Langenkamp’s main fields of interest are education, stratification, and life course transitions. Her research explores transitions between major societal institutions and processes of inequality within those institutions. Langenkamp’s published research on transitions documents different types of institutional pathways taken by students as they transition, explores how social relationships can become protective factors for low achieving students, and investigates the lasting effects of school context across transitions.  

Other published research identifies the mechanisms producing intergenerational transmission of (dis)advantage. Specifically, Langenkamp’s scholarship investigates how social class and race/ethnicity shape students’ preparation for and transition to postsecondary education with a focus on immigrant students, first generation college-going students, and Latinos’ educational trajectory.

Langenkamp is currently researching how new patterns in school and community composition, from resegregation to new immigrant destinations, affect student achievement. She is affiliated with the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity (CREO), the Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI), the Institute for Latino Studies, and Notre Dame’s Program for Interdisciplinary Education Research (NDPIER), and holds the O'Shaughnessy Associate Professor Chair of Education.

Phone: (574) 631-3611
Office: 4082 Jenkins Nanovic
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