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The Department of Sociology at Notre Dame has signature strengths in cultural sociology, the sociology of education, political sociology and social movements, and the sociology of religion.

The department features undergraduate and graduate programs, innovative research opportunities that cut across disciplinary boundaries, and award-winning faculty who are widely recognized for their scholarly publications.

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To affirm the human dignity of all, the members of this department support and actively work to ensure the inclusion of our faculty, staff and students regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.


Sociology Majors Set Sights on Business Careers
May 20, 2015

Sarah Hart

With her Notre Dame sociology degree in hand, Sarah Hart ’15 is headed for the business world. When she starts work as a project manager at Epic, a software development company in the health care industry, her major has her set to succeed in a corporate environment. “It’s definitely given me a wide range of skills that can be applied to almost anything,” Hart said. “Critical thinking, delving deep into a problem and finding a solution, interacting with people, communicating your thoughts and ideas—those are transferable skills you can use in absolutely any workplace.”

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New Course Helps Students Prepare for International Field Research
May 15, 2015

Erin Metz McDonnell icon

Undergraduate research projects are transformed from broad ideas to focused realities in International Research Design, a new course in the Department of Sociology developed by Erin Metz McDonnell. Offered for the first time this spring, the class covered the fundamental elements of an international research project, from conception to execution.

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