Sociology Athletes

Nicholas Lexi

Lexi Nicholas- Soccer

Major: Sociology and Spanish

Minor: Constutional Studies

"Because I aspire to have a career in the law or law enforcement field, Sociology is the perfect major for me. With classes that cover topics like social problems, politics, race/ethnicity, and criminal deviance, I have been exposed to courses aimed at my career aspirations.

Sociology has helped to develop my passions for helping others and for fighting against injustice in this world. This area of study makes you question every preconceived notion you have about society and the people in it. Sociology opens your eyes to the human condition, especially to the social problems that plague our modern society. It gives you a very unique lens through which to look at and interpret the world around you. This sociological perspective has empowered me to make a difference and to change the world for the better. A degree in sociology has prepared me in the best way for a career in the law or law enforcement field!"



Sam Murray - Track and Field

Double Major: Sociology and Psychology

"Choosing Sociology was easy for me. I loved it from my very first class on Sociology and Education with Dr. Mark Berends freshman year.  I continue to love learning about people and the social mechanisms that underlie who we are, which also inspires me to consider my role in both perpetuating and fighting against social inequity."

Sam Murray












Sydney Kuhn - Vollyball


Major: Psychology

Minor: Sociology

"I chose Sociology because I think it pairs very nicely with Psychology. It really gives you an all encompassing view of the world. Whatever my future goals are, having a general knowledge of the world and the history that has created the society today will only help me forming and changing the future."