2017 Undergraduate Careers

The future plans of some of our graduates


..from the College of Arts and Letters

Matthew Angulo will be peer monitoring and tutoring in local school systems, New York, New York.

Katherine Baltes will be an investigator for a public defense project at “Still She Rises” in Tulsa, OK.

Dana Bouquet will be working as a missionary at the Fellowship of Catholic University Students.

Michael Bicknell will be pursuing a Master of Science in Management at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN.

Matthew Coscia will be attending medical school at Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC.

Michaela Crawford will be working as a project assistant at Sidley Austin LLP, Chicago, IL.

Elizabeth Escobar will be attending medical school at The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, Chicago, IL.

Maria Manzur Martinez will be attending law school at Yale Law School, New Haven, CT.

Madison McMullen will be working in development for GEICO, Indianapolis, IN.

Marisa Olsen will be doing post-graduate service as a medical assistant at a non-profit clinic at Westmorland Volunteer Corps, Washington, D.C.

Petra Rantanen will be working as a Hand of Hope intern at Casa de Esperanza, Houston, TX.

Taylor Seeman will be teaching at Great Hearts Academies-Archway Cicero, Scottsdale, AZ.

Leah Selmek will be attending law school.

L. Ash Smith will be attending law school at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA.

Natalie Thomas will be teaching for Teach for America.

Thomas Waytula will be working as a sales assistant at CM, Chicago, IL.


…from the College of Business:

Emily Affinito will be working as a cybersecurity consultant at PwC, Chicago, IL.

Jane Coughlin will be working as a management consultant at West Monroe Partners, Chicago, IL.

Kingo Fluder will be working as a consulting analyst at Accenture, Chicago, IL.

Peter Gregory will be working as a financial consultant for IBM.

Betelhem Hailu will be working in merchandising and marketing at L Brands, Columbus, OH.

Courtney Lefevre will be working as a consultant for KPMG, Chicago, IL.

McKenzie Moredock will be working as a business and systems analyst at Textron, Rockford, IL.

Andrew Robinson will be working in accounting at Ernst & Young, Chicago, IL.

Ayden Syal will be working as an analyst for Morgan Stanley, New York, NY.

Anastacia Taylor will be working in investment banking at J.P. Morgan, New York, NY.

 …from the College of Science:

Emily Fisher will be attending medical school at McGovern Medical School, University of Texas at Houston, Houston, TX.

"Before we send you out into the world, I want to take a few minutes and clarify what it means to 'think like a sociologist,' and explain why it is both important and useful to do so."      
Professor William Carbonaro, May 19, 2017