Mike Penta

Mike Penta

Areas of Study

Social Networks, Urban Sociology, Community Development and Personal Relationships


My work examines the development and behavior of social networks over time. My work has focused primarily on the cellphone behaviors of students at University of Notre Dame, examining how the behavior characteristics of those relationships can predict stability in the relationship. From this work, I am investigating the development and evolution of social networks in urban contexts. I am currently conducting one study in the South Bend, looking at how diverse populations interact. I am conducting a similar study in Brazil, during the 2016 Olympics, looking at how temporary changes in local demographics affects network behavior. 
My primary advisors have been David Hachen and Omar Lizardo, with significant support from Aaron Striegel from the Wireless Institute and Nitesh Chawla from iCeNSA. My work in Brazil is being directed by Eduardo Marques of the center for Metropolitan Studies at the University of São Paulo. 
I have been supported by the Sociology Department, Kellogg Institute, Center for the study of Languages and Cultures, the Graduate School, and the USAID Fellowship.