Amity Pauley




Amity is in her first year of graduate studies at Notre Dame. She earned her BA (honors) through Purdue University, double majoring in women’s studies and interpersonal communication and double minoring in French and anthropology. Her honors thesis, “Terroir of Two Places,” examined the potential for feminist outcomes in French and US food movements. In the spring of 2017, Amity earned a dual MA degree in sociology and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies at Brandeis University. While there, she continued researching the confluence of culture, cognition, and social movements, eventually writing her master’s paper, “Influence and the Evolution of Social Movements: Ideological and Personal Identity Work in the Feminist, Back to the Land, and Communal Movements.”

At Notre Dame, Amity continues to draw on her varied interests within sociology and her past interdisciplinary training. Using comparative methods, she will examine variations in ideas of deservingness and how these variations might inform food justice movements. She is particularly interested in understanding if food justice activism and ideas of deservingness affect access to healthful food in France and the United States.