Abigail Jorgensen




Cultural Sociology, Gender and Family, Political Sociology


Abigail Jorgensen is a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Notre Dame and a Notebaert Fellow. She is also a Graduate Student Representative for the American Sociological Association Family Section and a graduate minor in Gender Studies at her university.

Abigail’s interests focus on cultural understandings of gender/family, politics, and the impact these have on each other. Her projects approach these concepts from different angles and using different methodologies. One of her current projects involves using statistics to examine the cultural impacts of political moves toward gender equality cross-nationally over time. Another project – her dissertation – involves longitudinal interviews with women in Wisconsin focusing on their views of parenthood and politics. She is also currently working on projects regarding the intersection of gender and religion at weddings, the impact of state attributes on child mortality rates, and the criminalization of parenthood.

Abigail received a master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame in May 2018 and proposed her dissertation in spring 2019. Prior to joining the Department of Sociology, Abigail earned a Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and Gender Studies at the University of Notre Dame with a minor in Theology.

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Title: "Becoming the Mommy Politic"
Committee: Elizabeth McClintock (chair), ErinMcDonnell, Abi Ocobock, Christina Wolbrecht (University of Notre Dame Department of Political Science), and Jessica Collett (UCLA Department of Sociology)