Joel Mittleman

Joel Mittleman

Assistant Professor
4081 Jenkins Nanovic Hall
P: 574-631-6463
F: 574-631-9238

Joel Mittleman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame, where he is also a faculty affiliate of the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity. As a sociologist and social demographer, he studies inequalities in the lives of stigmatized youth. His research applies an intersectional perspective to understand how children’s race/ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation impact their experiences and opportunities. He is especially interested in how youth are “policed:” by peers, by teachers and by the juvenile justice system itself. Current research projects focus on LGBTQ youth in the U.S. and the U.K.


Mittleman’s research has been published in Sociology of Education and Educational Researcher and the Journal of Adolescent Health. It has received awards from the Education and Population Sections of the ASA, as well as from the Educational Problems Division of the SSSP. His research and training have been supported by a Marshall Scholarship, a Truman Scholarship, and a fellowship from the American Education Research Association.


Mittleman earned his PhD in Sociology and Social Policy at Princeton University, where he was also a trainee in the Office of Population Research. Before finding his disciplinary home as a sociologist, he studied philosophy at the London School of Economics, education at UCL's Institute of Education, and economics at Swarthmore College. His research and teaching interests continue to be informed by these diverse fields.

Research Interests: Sociology of Education, Stratification, Social Demography, Gender and Sexuality, Children and Youth, Quantitative Methods

Subfields: Education, Gender and Family, Race and Ethnicity, Stratification and Inequality