Elizabeth Trudeau

Teaching Scholar

Research Interests

Gender, Sexuality, Culture, Criminology & Institutions, Methods


Elizabeth Trudeau primarily studies conflicts in American culture surrounding gender and sexuality. Her dissertation work focuses on understanding the structure of current efforts to combat human trafficking and sex work discrimination and what they can tell us about social-justice-oriented movements and the structure and dynamics of social fields with a particular emphasis on the role of organizations. She is also interested in masculinities studies and the role of feminism and gender in material and symbolic culture-creation.

Elizabeth emphasizes methodological studies and innovation. As an instructor she has taught both undergraduate and graduate-level statistics. As a researcher she emphasizes the use of mixed methods including quantitative text analysis. She earned an MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago before joining the sociology program at Notre Dame.

Email: etrudeau@nd.edu
Office: 4054 Jenkins Nanovic Halls