Spring 2011

Growth in Field Spurs Investment in Cultural Sociology

As interest in cultural sociology has risen in recent decades, so too has Notre Dame's investment in its faculty. "We've been growing over the past 20 years, but in the last five years it has all come together," says cultural sociologist Lyn Spillman.
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Christian Smith's New Book Explores Meaning of Personhood

The question "What is a person?" has occupied the minds of philosophers and theologians for centuries. But University of Notre Dame sociologist Christian Smith argues in his latest book that the question also lies at the center of the social scientist's quest to understand social life.
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Providing Support for a Solitary Pursuit

Ideas and ambitions abound. What many undergraduates lack is the know-how to tackle—on their own and for the first time—an extended research project that culminates in a senior thesis. A new workshop gives these students the academic tools and personal support they need to succeed.
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Focus on Professionalization Fuels Publishing Success

A growing number of Ph.D. students in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Sociology are attracting attention for their research and publishing papers in leading peer–reviewed journals.
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