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Mette Evelyn Bjerre

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  • Dissertation Title: "To Be, or Not to Be [Danish]: Multi-ethnic and Multi-racial Identity in a ‘Raceless’ Society"
  • Dissertation Committee: Jennifer Jones (Co-Chair), Terence McDonnell (Co-Chair), Amy Langenkamp, Jennifer Huynh
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; Multiracial Identity; Sociology of Education; Qualitative Methods



Katie Comeau

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  • Dissertation Title: "The 'Hinge' in Humanitarian Development: How Groups Affect the Engagement of NGOs in Cross-Cultural Settings"
  • Dissertation Committee: Lyn Spillman (chair), Kraig Beyerlein, Kevin Christiano, Tamara Kay
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Religion, Organizations, Development, Theory


Corner Headshot

Shanna Corner

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  • Dissertation Title: “Tactics and Transcendence: The Struggle to Create Common Understandings about Religion and Women’s Human Rights within the United Nations”
  • Dissertation Committee: Christian Smith (chair), Lyn Spillman, Ann Mische, Atalia Omer
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Cultural Sociology, Political Sociology, Global/Transnational Sociology, Human Rights, Law and Society, Religion, Gender, Criminology, Development

Fridmanski New

Ethan Fridmanski

Email •  Short Dissertation Abstract

  • Dissertation Title: "Liberty, Tyranny, and Decentralization: Accumulation of Power in Blockchain Systems"
  • Dissertation Committee: David Hachen (chair), Omar Lizardo, Sarah Mustillo, Lyn Spillman
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Computational Sociology, Quantitative Methods, Social Network Analysis, Sociology of Technology


Leslie MacColman

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  • Dissertation Title: "From Reform to Recoupling: Towards a New Police Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina"
  • Dissertation Committee: Ann Mische (chair), Erin McDonnell, Lynette Spillman, Guillermo Trejo, Marcelo Bergman
  • Research and Teaching Interests: States and Statebuilding Processes; Cultural Sociology; Urban Studies; Security and Policing; Informal/ Illicit Markets; Mixed Methods; Latin America

Rob Mowry

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Dissertation title: “Non-Agentic Events and Policymaking: Toward Earthquake Mitigation in Twentieth-Century Japan and the United States.” 
Dissertation committee: Lyn Spillman (chair), Terence McDonnell, Omar Lizardo, J. Samuel Valenzuela, Kiyoteru Tsutsui (University of Michigan). 
Research and teaching interests: Risk, disaster, culture, science and technology, political sociology, environmental sociology, comparative-historical sociology, collective behavior, social movements, East Asia

Kayla Crop

Kayla Pierce

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  • Dissertation Title: "Emotional Contagion in Status Hierarchies"
  • Dissertation Committee: Jessica Collett (co-chair), Erika Summers-Effler (co-chair), David Gibson, Erin McDonnell
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Emotions, Statistics and Methods, Group Processes, Family


Rogers 1

Megan Rogers

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  • Dissertation Title: "Faiths and Fortune: Religion and the Professional Middle Class in Urban China"
  • Dissertation Committee: Mary Ellen Konieczny (chair), Lionel Jensen, Robert Fishman, Christian Smith
  • Research and Teaching Interests: China, Religion, Theory, Culture

Dustin Stoltz Notre Dame Sociology 2

Dustin Stoltz

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  • Dissertation Title: "The Sociology of Elite Advisors"
  • Dissertation Committee: Omar Lizardo (chair), Erin Metz McDonnell, Terence McDonnell, Tamara Kay
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Economic Sociology, Network Analysis, Computational & Interview Methods, Culture & Cognition, Organizations, Occupations, Sociology of Elites