Andrew Hoyt

Andrew Hoyt

Areas of Study

Sociology of Education, Organizational Sociology, School Effects, Sector Effects, Educational Transitions, Stratification, Race/Ethnicity


Andrew is a fourth year PhD student and University Presidential Fellow in the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity with an affiliation with the Institute for Latino Studies. Andrew’s research examines the ways in which school context and school organization shape educational opportunity for students. His Master’s thesis investigated the influence of hyper-segregation of Latino high school students on their college enrollment and persistence decisions.

Currently, Andrew is working with Dr. Amy G. Langenkamp on several projects that analyze how cultural and structural factors shape Latino students’ transitions from high school to college and is working with Dr. Mark Berends and others on evaluating a large-scale literacy intervention in Catholic schools in Haiti.

Andrew received his B.A. in the Program of Liberal Studies from the University of Notre Dame. Before returning to Notre Dame, he worked in the non-profit sector, coordinated outreach to Notre Dame students studying in Europe, and taught English as a founding faculty member at Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston, Texas.