Students on the Job Market

Matthew Chandler

Matthew Chandler

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  • Dissertation Title: "People Power and Peacebuilding: Civil Resistance and the Processes of Contentious Politics in Egypt, 2011-2015"
  • Dissertation Committee: Ann Mische (chair), Robert Fishman, Omar Lizardo, Lynette Spillman, Asher Kaufman
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Movements and Politics, Culture, Social Networks, Social Theory

Corner Headshot2

Shanna Corner

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  • Dissertation Title: "Tactics and Transcendence: The Struggle to Create Common Understandings about Religion and Its Relationship to Women’s Human Rights within the United Nations"
  • Dissertation Committee: Christian Smith, Lyn Spillman, Ann Mische, Atalia Omer



Stefanie Israel de Souza

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  • Dissertation Title: "Expiration Date: Mega-Events and Police Reform in Rio de Janeiro's Favelas"
  • Dissertation Committee: Ann Mische (chair), Robert Fishman (Universidad Carlos III-Madrid), Omar Lizardo (University of California-Los Angeles), Lyn Spillman
  • Research and Teaching Interests:  Global Sociology, Urban Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Criminology, Race & Ethnicity, Political Sociology, Social Movements



Perez New Pic

Nicole Perez

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  • Dissertation Title: "At the 'Crossroads of America': New Latino Immigrants in Northern Indiana"
  • Dissertation Committee: William Carbonaro (chair), Jennifer Jones, Amy Langenkamp, Kraig Beyerlein, Luis Fraga
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Sociology of Education, Immigration, Social Stratification 


Lisa Swartz

Lisa Weaver Swartz

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  • Dissertation Title: "Gendered Gospel, Ungendered Mission: Identity Construction at Two Evangelical Seminaries"
  • Dissertation Committee: Mary Ellen Konieczny (chair), David Sikkink, Christian Smith, Jason Springs
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Religion, Gender, American Evangelicalism, Religious Symbolism, Visual Methods





Marshall Taylor

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  • Dissertation Title: "The Politics of Attention: The Case of White Nationalism in the U.S. South, 1980-2008"
  • Dissertation Committee: Omar Lizardo (co-chair), Ann Mische (co-chair), Rory McVeigh, Kraig Beyerlein
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Computational Social Science; Statistics; Sociological Theory; Sociology of Culture; Right-Wing Extremism; Collective Behavior/Social Movements



Van Ness Job Market

Justin Van Ness

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  • Dissertation Title: "Neo-Nazis or Peaceful Protesters? How the Social, Cultural, and Material Dimensions of Situations Create Surprising Interpretive and Interactional Outcomes"
  • Dissertation Committee: Erika Summers-Effler (chair), Kraig Beyerlein, David Gibson, Omar Lizardo
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Culture, Qualitative Methods, Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Social Psychology / Microsociology, Social Control / Deviance, Sociological Theory, and Religion




Kelcie Miller

Kelcie Vercel

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  • Dissertation Title: "The Cultural Mediation of Home Buying in the United States: How Home Stagers, Homebuilders, and Realtors Construct the Home Buying Landscape and Contribute to Symbolic Exclusion"
  • Dissertation Committee: Terence McDonnell (Chair), Erin Metz McDonnell, David Gibson, Mary Ellen Konieczny, Eugene Halton
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Culture, Family, Consumption, Qualitative Methods