Students on the Job Market

Megan Austin

Megan Austin

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  • Dissertation Title: “Academic Perparation for College: Inequalities in Access and returns to High School Curricular Intensity"
  • Dissertation Committee: Mark Berends (chair), Megan Andrew, Sarah Mustillo, Barbara Schneider
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Stratification, Education, Organizations, Quantitative Methods

Jade 0642

Jade Avelis

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  • Dissertation Title: “Social Stratification and Primary Caregiving Fathers”
  • Dissertation Committee: Jessica L. Collett (chair), Mary Ellen Konieczny, Elizabeth McClintock, Terence McDonnell
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Gender, Marriage and Family, Religion, Social Psychology, Work-Nonwork Balance


Matthew Chandler

Matthew Chandler

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  • Dissertation Title: "People Power and Peacebuilding: Civil Resistance and the Processes of Contentious Politics in Egypt, 2011-2015"
  • Dissertation Committee: Ann Mische (chair); Robert Fishman; Omar Lizardo; Lynette Spillman; Asher Kaufman
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Movements and Politics, Culture, Social Networks, Social Theory



Kristi Donaldson

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  • Dissertation Title: "The Implementation of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program: Equity, Access, and Effectively Maintained Inequality"
  • Dissertation Committee: Mark Berends (co-chair), Bill Carbonaro (co-chair), Jessica Collett, Amy Langenkamp
  • ​Research and Teaching Interests: Education, Stratification, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Research Methods



Melissa Pirkey

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  • Dissertation Title: "Cultural Context, Organizational Processes, and Sensemaking in a Voluntary Organization: An Organizational Ethnography"
  • Dissertation Committee: Omar Lizardo (chair), Jessica Collett, Terrence McDonnell, Lyn Spillman
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Organizations, Culture, Social Psychology, Qualitative Methods

Lisa Swartz

Lisa Weaver Swartz

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  • Dissertation Title: "Gendered Gospel, Ungendered Mission: Identity Construction at Two Evangelical Seminaries"
  • Dissertation Committee: Mary Ellen Konieczny (chair), David Sikkink, Christian Smith, Jason Springs
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Religion, Gender, American Evangelicalism, Religious Symbolism, Visual Methods