Ana Velitchkova

Areas of Interest

Culture and Political Participation; Global Sociology; Social Change; Publics, Fields and Institutions; Conflict, Violence, and Peace; Gender and Inequality; Social Networks


Ana is interested in how social change happens and why sometimes people pursue it peacefully while other times people use violence. Currently, And is looking for answers at the intersection of practice theory, institutionalism, global, comparative, and historical sociology, and the study of civil and uncivil society and the public sphere. Her dissertation deals with the alternative forms of modernity and civility underlying social solidarity under non-democratic regimes, specifically in the small independent Eastern European state-socialist countries following World War II. In a second project, Ana is developing an alternative to the rational choice model, dominant in the study of participation in political violence, and testing this alternative model in the context of early twenty-first-century Sub-Saharan Africa.


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