Service Committees


Graduate Admissions
David Gibson (Chair)
Mark Berends
Terry McDonnell
Lyn Spillman
Mike Welch

Committee on Appointments and Promotions CAP
Sarah Mustillo (chair)
Kraig Beyerlein
Jessica Collett
David Gibson
Omar Lizardo
Rory McVeigh
Samuel Valenzuela (alternate)

Graduate Studies Committee
Lyn Spillman (Chair)
Bill Carbonaro
Christian Smith
Erika Summers-Effler
Samuel Valenzuela

Colloquium Committee
Omar Lizardo (Chair)
Erika Summers-Effler

Teacher Mentoring Committee
Kraig Beyerlein
Terry McDonnell

Honesty Representative
Kevin Christiano

Amy Langenkamp (chair)
Elizabeth McClintock

Undergraduate Studies
Mim Thomas  (Chair)
Gil Cardenas
Kevin Christiano
David Sikkink (spring)
Andy Weigert

Web and Computing
Rich Williams (spring only)

Eisch Endowment Committee
Mim Thomas (chair)
Russ Faeges
Andy Weigert

External Liaisons
Samuel Valenzuela (library rep)
Kraig Beyerlein (Faculty Senate)

Graduate Student Representatives 
Faculty Representatives: Katie Comeau & Ethan Fridmanski
Graduate Admissions Committee: Eve Bjerre & Brianna McCaslin
Graduate Studies Committee: Paige Ambord & Kayla Pierce
Graduate Student Union: Will Cernanec and Rob Mowry